Zach and Jody + 1

We are SO excited to announce that we are growing our family!


(Beach and bio images by | Ultrasound Image by Ashley at Digital Diagnostics)

We can’t believe that we are finally sharing this publicly with everyone! It has been such a heart-wrenching journey to get to this place and we can’t believe that we are finally here. Even now, we are hesitant to make it public, but we won’t be able to keep this under wraps much longer with my growing baby pooch. Continue reading

From the Heart | Our Pregnancy Journey


It is with great apprehension that I (Jody) write the below. Zach and I are pretty open with our lives, and especially when we’re with people one-on-one, we’re very inclined to share things that maybe we wouldn’t necessarily share from the platform. However, our pregnancy journey to get to this point has been very personal and only a few close friends and family have been walking with us over this last year of the hardest struggles we have ever been through. The reason I have decided to share our story here is 1) I want you all to know where we are coming from. We treasure where we are right now and are who we are today because of what we have walked through, and 2) for those of you may have experienced what we have gone through, we want to let you know that you’re not alone, and that there is hope regardless of your circumstances. Continue reading