Zach and Jody + 1

We are SO excited to announce that we are growing our family!


(Beach and bio images by | Ultrasound Image by Ashley at Digital Diagnostics)

We can’t believe that we are finally sharing this publicly with everyone! It has been such a heart-wrenching journey to get to this place and we can’t believe that we are finally here. Even now, we are hesitant to make it public, but we won’t be able to keep this under wraps much longer with my growing baby pooch.

We are SUPER excited that we are expecting a little Zach or a little Jody and can’t believe that by the end of the year we’ll have a little family! So crazy!

Getting to this point has not been without its sadness and we invite you to read our initial post about our journey with having children (insert link).

Here are the answers to the most popular questions I get when we share the news:

– We’re 13 weeks along (due in November)
– I have been feeling absolutely GREAT short of a few extra naps I’ve been taking here and there and some slight food aversions.
– Yes, we want to find out the gender of our baby, and no, we won’t get to find out until another month or so
– We do have a few names we like but we’re not sure if we’re going to keep the names a secret until the baby is born. Probably not, because it personally kind of annoys me when you sincerely ask expecting parents if they have decided on names, and they smugly say, “Yup, we know her name.” and then just stare at you ;o)

And I think that’s about all of the ones I can think of 🙂

Thanks for sharing in this journey with us and don’t forget to follow us on our @ItstheGrayfamily instagram 🙂


21 thoughts on “Zach and Jody + 1

  1. Hi Zach and Jody!! Congratulations. That is so exciting! I am a photographer in VA, and have never commented before but I am so thrilled to be able to follow along on this journey with you guys. Thank you for being willing to share! I also read your first post and just want to say that I am thankful for fellow believers like you. For being so open about your faith (questions and all) and for being open about the hard life things. Its a very tender subject and your post is written beautifully.

  2. Oh my! First and foremost, congratulations to you both! And secondly, thank you for sharing your story. I respect your announcement so much! when you endure a loss it is unbelievably painful to see all the ultrasounds, baby bumps and more so the complaining about the inconveniences of being pregnant. It is absolutely heartbreaking to lose a child, two children and three children for sure. Thank you for sharing your story. I, too, feel that it is important to share our story. We lost three precious angels as well. It was a very difficult two years in our life. It made us stronger as a husband and wife but also made some relationships harder. Briefly I will share our story with you…

    We had our first daughter without any troubles. I thought nothing of loss or fear of miscarriage. I had a difficult, high risk pregnancy and delivered her a month early due to preeclampsia after 2 1/2 months on bed rest.

    When she was two we were ready for our next baby. We got pregnant without any problems. Announced to everyone the joy of welcoming our next child. Told our first she was going to be a big sister and then was absolutely beyond devastated when at 14 weeks we went (with our daughter) to hear the heartbeat as a family. It was unbelievable. I will never forget my husband and i sitting in our bed crying together, holding each other while we ate an entire half frozen trifle that family had brought to us in condolences. It’s funny looking back but the raw emotion still hits home when I think of that night. No one we knew had suffered such a loss. Not only was it difficult to swallow within our own home, we constantly had to answer questions and then for those that didn’t know and were genuinely being sincere asking “so when are you due?” Etc and then having to explain what had happened. It’s personal, it’s sad, and its embarrassing to tell the story of loss to people and clients. The awkward silence is a feeling that you will never forget.

    So after our waiting period we try again. My OBGYN assured me that a lot of women have miscarriages and the likelihood of another miscarriage was slim. This time around we only told our families and close friends. It felt even more private this time. And then at 12 weeks my HCG levels dropped and we miscarried again. Emotionally, it was even more heartbreaking than the first.

    After many months, prayers and tears we decide to try again and become pregnant immediately. Yes, we are fortunate to not have a problem getting pregnant. But then at 9 weeks we lose our third angel. This one broke my husband and I both. I am with you that this was the darkest time ever. Every day, I woke up trying to be thankful for the beautiful girl that we had and held her tighter and hugged her more but that didn’t diminish the hurt and loss of losing the three angels. Nor did it change our desire to grow our family. I didn’t think I could go through another loss. I cried constantly, pushed everyone away from me, and sadly ate too much junk to try and make the hurt go away.

    We finally agreed to secretly try one more time and that if we miscarried that was it. My heart and body couldn’t take any more. We found out Christmas that we were expecting our fifth child and vowed to keep it a secret just between the two of us. I saw a specialist for the first 16 weeks and took some medicines to “preserve the pregnancy” as well as ultrasounds weekly. I couldn’t even think about being pregnant even though it consumed my every thought. With every week that we passed was like a notch in our belt but that negative thought in my brain kept waiting for the bad news, bad blood levels, or something. It was crazy that I saw so many people get pregnant and have babies when our own babies should have been newborns. I was grumpy when any pregnant lady complained about any inconvenience that she endured, I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs what a blessing it was and she should be happy!

    At 20 weeks (yep half way! I had gained quite a bit of weight with my emotional eating and had no appetite because I threw up all day and night so no one noticed), we shared with everyone our news of being pregnant with a healthy baby girl. We experienced lots of happy thoughts and some hurt feelings for not sharing our joys. We got in such a pattern of not talking about being pregnant or facing the fears of losing another one that it went longer and longer without sharing our joy. My thoughts were to get past our original benchmark and then we would share but that passed and it was awkward to say “hey, we’re pregnant and its a girl and we are due in a just a few short months.

    Sorry, I know that I am rambling but your story hit home with me!

    Then the roller coaster continued. Because of our history of miscarriages and my history of pre-eclampsia I was put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. 2 weeks prior to our due date, my husband had just gotten home from a work trip and I didn’t feel good. I had been to the doctor that day and everything was fine, I wasn’t dilated or effaced, nothing! We called my OB and she said to come in but everything was probably fine because she had just seen me. So as we are waiting for my in-laws to come get our daughter, the pain is unbelievably horrible, my husband panics and calls 911. 3 fire trucks later, and an ambulance on the way, we deliver our beautiful red headed blessing from God at home!!! Only 20 short minutes from start to finish of “not feeling good!” 😉 So be prepared for a very quick delivery since this is technically your fourth baby!

    Jody, my thoughts and prayers are with you! Try hard to enjoy every moment of this special time because I know how difficult that truly is. It is in God’s hands and your faith and positive attitude are shining through. No, you will never forget the due dates or the loss dates of your angels and that may diminish but I don’t know that it will ever go away. After Kember Grace was born, my husband had a necklace made for me with all 5 of our babies birthstones on it. It is beautiful! And I still get a lump in my throat when strangers ask what each one stands for. And now that my girls are 8 and 4 and ask “which one is theirs and what are the other ones for” it makes it even more special as I hold my babies and tell them what a true blessing they are and how hard their Daddy and I prayed for all of them.

    Thank you for sharing your story and heartache! For making another woman and family not feel so alone and lost for those raw emotions and fears. Congratulations again and I pray with each day that you will pass each week without any troubles. You ARE a wonderful mother! Hugs to you, Jennifer

    • Jennifer, wow. Thank-you for sharing your story. So amazing that Kember Grace came into this world healthy and whole (and quick! Bring it on!). So sorry for your losses. So excited for the children that you have….I appreciate your post… Big hugs, J

  3. My sincerest congratulations! I was wondering if we were going to get this announcement when I saw the the new wedding ring and celebrating the new adventures post… I know the feeling of finally being able to announce this exciting news to the world… My husband and I tried for two and a half years before we were finally able to get pregnant… We just had our first on March 28th! I will keep you guys in my prayers and I hope you have a great pregnancy!
    Peace & Love,

  4. So excited for you. The journey of pregnancy and parenthood is like no other. We also tried for number of years before getting pregnant. It certainly makes you appreciate the little buggers more (particularly when they are annoying the heck out of you LOL!).


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