We did it.

baby onesies

We did it! We made the first step that we have always been leery of making in the past…

We bought an item for our baby… three to be exact.

Nothing fancy or extravagant, but we bought them none-the-less.  I feel as if it’s just another step to moving forward and telling ourselves, “Yes, we will have a kid in our arms at the end of this.”

We bought our child-to-be, onesies.  True, we don’t know the sex yet (another 6 weeks… arg) but they were so cute and such a great deal and the money was going to a family who was raising money to adopt two little girls from Haiti… I couldn’t resist.

It’s really surreal and crazy (don’t even know the right words to use!) to think that a tiny little body will be filling it up one day… a body that’s part of me and part Zach… so crazy…

Here’s to taking the steps and moving forward…

9 thoughts on “We did it.

  1. Sometimes it’s the small things that have the most meaning and the biggest impact. Praying for you guys and baby Gray each time I see a post. So thankful we serve such a big and incredible God 🙂

  2. My husband and I are so happy for you guys! That’s great you bought your baby their first clothing items 🙂 You are going to be amazing parents! God bless!

  3. This is so cute, and I am super happy to hear you are taking steps forward, I wanted to go to the retreat but my boyfriend wasn’t ready to go just yet, I hope you do a connect 2014 and that I can be there, anyways I saw your picture, you 3 look super cute and happy!, and these are going to look super pretty on your baby… Btw…. You should be doing a picture belly project I can’t wait to see your maternity pictures you are going to look even more pretty!!!

    Sending you the best vibes…


  4. this made me smile. i bought “baby g’s” first piece of clothing around the same time, one of each since we didn’t know the sex yet either, and gave jeff the gender appropriate one at dinner after our ultrasound appt as a celebration. praying for your hearts so that you can continue to walk through this in faith and so that you can allow yourself to feel joy at each milestone like this one. and yes, i’m calling buying your first baby outfit a milestone! 🙂

  5. Thank you for your inspiring heartfelt words, and for reminding me that if God is for us who can be against us, and that He has a plan for me. We too are expecting, and it has been such a blessing, even if I was completely zapped of energy and a little sick. It has been amazing. We are due a little before you in October. Congratulations, we will keep you in our prayers :).

  6. So I guess now would be as good a time as any to tell you guys that I’ve also bought your little one something as well…..? Haha, I didn’t want to be all HERE’S SOMETHING FOR YOUR BABY before you guys were …. ready? … for that. And you still might not be but I have it and I want to ship it to you…. whenever you’re OK with it 🙂 It’s nothing much, just something I saw that made me think of you and your little one.

  7. The first purchase of many. 🙂 God bless you as you travel through these months and may He continue to bless you when you have the little one in your arms. It’s one interesting adventure but it’s so worth the ride. 🙂

  8. Zach and Jody, I’m new to ‘blog-posting’. (But I’m not new to the planet! I am astounded and inspired by the capabilities of some of this technology but much of it is still a mystery to me. I am persistent in my attempts to understand and utilize it!) I don’t know whether I’m even ‘posting’ this in the right place but I wish to convey sincere congratulations on your pregnancy! I have followed you on Creative Live and through your emails and website and I would like to commend you on the caring and thoughtful way that you have approached this/your life-enhancing experience. You have demonstrated a unique and mature sensitivity not only to your own growing family’s needs but have considered the needs and sensitivities of others who may not be able to share in the joy of your coming experiences (due to their own unfortunate circumstances). I admire and encourage you for being able to take a ‘step back’ from your business during this time so that you BOTH can share the experience of your pregnancy as a ‘family’ – and not just as a ‘husband and wife who are pregnant’! It is a blessing (and a great example for others) to witness the willful choice to find balance within your family – putting the needs of your family and relationships as a priority and – especially – for having succeeded in placing yourselves in the position to be ABLE to do so! THAT is the mark of true ‘success’ and displays a rare understanding of God’s plan and purpose in your/our lives. Thank you for being an inspiration to me (and I’m sure to may others) who are watching as you make a visible example of your lives for God, yourselves, and for so many others. May God Bless you in whatever He has in-store for you! Enjoy and embrace this exciting journey that you have begun. It won’t always be easy but it will give your lives a new dimension and substance that nothing else can. Many Blessings!! God be with you as you expand your world through your lives and your life’s work.

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