It’s My Turn


Today marked another first. A woman at the pool asked me if I was sporting a baby bump.

It was so fun to be able to respond with a resounding “Yes!”

I’m pregnant.

So crazy.

This really is so surreal. Short of our gut-wrenching losses and my surgery, I have been very blessed with easy pregnancies – no morning sickness or anything (some foods just don’t appeal to me at times and though, not often, I’ll randomly get a bout of tiredness). So with no other symptoms, and our child isn’t big enough to feel yet, the only “proof” I have is my growing belly which is finally starting to look pregnant.

I can’t believe it’s finally my turn.

I have always wanted kids and I have seen so many other women pregnant and often wondered what I would look like with a growing belly and what it would be like feeling our child move in me. And I’m finally experiencing that (well, at least the growing belly part : ). I have our child growing inside of me. So crazy!! I’m so blessed.

Thank you lady at the pool….

PS. Less than 3 weeks until we have our anomaly & gender scan! Eek!

6 thoughts on “It’s My Turn

  1. AWESOME!!!! So glad you are EXCITED!!! What an incredible time for you!! I pray that God blesses ALL the sweet and precious moments that this wonderful change in life brings!!!

  2. Totally can relate to the surreal feeling. The kicks feel like tickles at first, by the end, they’re more like a punch to the rib cage from the inside. Lol relish every bit!!!!

  3. That’s amazing Jody! Enjoy every moment of this blessed journey. I’ve been reading/following your journey and it’s such an inspiration. Praying for a healthy and smooth pregnancy! 🙂

  4. That is a very normal fear for a Christian. I went through the exact same thing when I was pregnant with my daughter. She is a perfectly happy, and healthy 2 year old. The fear never goes away though. I’m always afraid she will get childhood cancer or something else equally horrible. Your friend is right though. God can be glorified in many other ways than just by pain and suffering! Enjoy your scan today!!!

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