It’s a….

We had our anomaly and gender scan yesterday! I have to admit, Zach and I were both caught off guard!

We are having a boy!


(image by the amazing and lovely, Evin of Evin Photography πŸ™‚

When the technician said our child was most definitely male, the first thing out of my mouth was, “Are you sure?” lol.

It’s crazy to think that we are going to have a son!

What was even more amazing is seeing him (ah, so weird writing that!) moving around. We have only felt him once and that was two weeks ago and have felt nothing of the sort since. Zach caught some of him moving on video so we thought we would share with you all here. Ahhhh! So nuts (pun not intended)!!!

Other than the gender fun, our little peanut is measuring absolutely perfectly and they saw no indicators that anything could be wrong – praise the Lord! One more weight lifted.

Now that one of the biggest milestones have been crossed, I want to stop looking ahead, sit back, relax and just enjoy where I am in the pregnancy… though I will be pretty pumped once I start feeling the little man … I do look forward to that.

Yay! πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “It’s a….

  1. Congrats to both of you on a healthy baby boy!
    I can’t wait to see him but I love that you are relaxing to enjoy every moment of this awesome journey! Take care of yourself and each other!

  2. So, almost six years ago, I had a comment left on one of my blog posts by you, Jody. I was just starting out, and y’all weren’t famous yet. I just loved Nashville because of the family ties that I have there. Needless to say, it made my day because someone acknowledged what I knew was what God had called me to do. I think it was right after you had a miscarriage. Not sure how I knew that, but I’ve always known and have always had that in my thoughts and prayers for you and Zach as y’all have been on this amazing journey. Oddly enough, the camera and photography thing never once was in the forefront of my mind when I’d see your faces plastered everywhere. It was always the hope that you’d have this. So, from someone that you probably don’t even remember commenting on, you made a difference, and I’m so thankful that God has allowed the world to be blessed by a child raised in your and Zach’s wisdom.

  3. Congrats you guys!! Jody, as the mom of a boy – I can certainly say you will love having a little mama’s boy!! They are just heavenly!

  4. Awesomeness!! So excited for you- being a mom of three boys (yes, you read that right) I can tell you that having a son is amazing!! They love their mamas (and dads too), but man do they love us mamas! Praying for healthy baby boy!

  5. Congratulations on all accounts. I am currently cooking my third boy now. Your life will never be the same. Boys are such fun little blessings and they will keep you hopping all day.

  6. Yes, that really is amazing. We have 6 and to see each one before they were born was like the first time. You never get over God’s awesome, creative hand in it all. So very happy for you both! Enjoy your growing belly!

  7. Congratulations you guys! You don’t know me, but I enjoy your photography and your blog. I am so glad that all is well. A good ultrasound report is always a huge relief. I hope you start feeling HIM soon, and enjoy getting ready for a little boy! πŸ™‚

  8. Congratulations! I am not only happy for you but your joy has even brought tears to my eyes and hope. I don’t know the pain of losing children, I have been blessed with 3 beautiful healthy children, but I know pain and I very much relate to Jody’s struggle with faith when losing every baby before. In my case I have known the pain of betrayal from my spouse more than once and just a few weeks ago I was screaming “God, where are you?! Can’t you see my pain?!” I know what it is to feel you’ve done “everything right” and still things are going wrong. Right now I guess my marriage is in a “comma”, but I have a small hope that God has still work to do in both our lives, as I know in spite of it all my husband is a man of many talents and a desire and passion for God. Thanks for sharing your story. When I saw the short video I just felt I will someday too be on the other side of my storm.

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