Worst clothes ever?

Yup.  I made the leap.

I bought maternity clothes.  Maternity PANTS even!


Fitting Room Fun at H&M

Fitting Room Fun at H&M

I’ve always not been very thrilled with maternity clothes. Something about seeing those pants on the hangar with tons of elastic around the band just isn’t very appealing… talk about not feeling cute! Continue reading

From the Heart of One Woman’s Struggles

When I first met her in early 2012 it was in a suite at WPPI with a few other women and I thought she was cute and totally gorgeous. 🙂  As our short meeting went on I learned she was a baby and family photographer and had a love for digging deep into the word.  Little did I know of her own personal, heartbreaking journey that she had been suffering through and wrestling with God for the last 6 years.

Some would call it fate. I would call it God’s perfect timing.  God brought along Jane Johnson to have her world collide with mine.  After our first meeting at WPPI, I had no idea the looming events that would rock my world in the following months and how God would use this remarkable woman to give me the encouragement and faith boost I would need that was the catalyst for God to begin the healing my heart so desperately needed…

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Alien or Baby?

25 wks

These last 3 weeks have been crazy fun and busy between prepping for our latest launch, visiting family, finding a place to live until our new home is completed, starting to pack up our house (bitter/sweet!), and making decisions on our new home (who knew all the little choices to be made with a home!!), BUT the most exciting thing these last few weeks has been feeling Baby Gray moving!!!!

It started out just a little pulse here and there, but the movements and bumps at times get really big (you can see the first time I captured the baby moving on Instagram).  It is the funnest thing ever because 1) it’s like confirmation that my gut isn’t getting bigger for no reason (he he ;o) and there’s actually a live, human being in there (we hope, right? Anyone birthed an alien before? ;o) and 2) Zach gets to experience our little babes moving too!!

It’s totally the funnest thing ever.