Alien or Baby?

25 wks

These last 3 weeks have been crazy fun and busy between prepping for our latest launch, visiting family, finding a place to live until our new home is completed, starting to pack up our house (bitter/sweet!), and making decisions on our new home (who knew all the little choices to be made with a home!!), BUT the most exciting thing these last few weeks has been feeling Baby Gray moving!!!!

It started out just a little pulse here and there, but the movements and bumps at times get really big (you can see the first time I captured the baby moving on Instagram).  It is the funnest thing ever because 1) it’s like confirmation that my gut isn’t getting bigger for no reason (he he ;o) and there’s actually a live, human being in there (we hope, right? Anyone birthed an alien before? ;o) and 2) Zach gets to experience our little babes moving too!!

It’s totally the funnest thing ever.

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