Worst clothes ever?

Yup.  I made the leap.

I bought maternity clothes.  Maternity PANTS even!


Fitting Room Fun at H&M

Fitting Room Fun at H&M

I’ve always not been very thrilled with maternity clothes. Something about seeing those pants on the hangar with tons of elastic around the band just isn’t very appealing… talk about not feeling cute!

That all changed when a friend brought me some of her former maternity clothes, and just because I didn’t want to insult her when she would ask me about them later, I tried them on and oh my gosh…. they were SO comfortable!!!  With all my other pants I would have to loosen the top, or jimmy-rig them with a hair tie and then Zach would be afraid that I’m squishing our kid, not to mention it wasn’t comfortable.  My world was opened up to maternity clothing from then on out.

Well, we JUST got an H&M here in Nashville and after being exposed to the comfortable-ness (is that a word??) that maternity clothes bring, I visited their maternity section and cleaned house.  I got 6 pairs of pants, 6 tops, 2 dresses (not from the maternity section, I might add) and 2 leggings.  It’s crazy that I can wear skinny jeans that are SO comfortable because they are actually maternity skinny jeans.  Aw yeah.

A friend says “the bump is the most fun accessory to dress” and it’s so true.  So fun!

Where have you found cute and great priced prego clothes? If you have any places, leave a comment!!

One thought on “Worst clothes ever?

  1. Ah! I just got some maternity pants myself 🙂 Like you I did want to wait as long as I could but – man! – making the switch is SOOOO much more comfortable. Our Clothes Mentor had some awesome pre-loved (but not worn) maternity clothes. I’ve also found several cute maternity tops from Target! Another thing that’s been helpful for me is to go ahead and make the switch to nursing bras (SO WEIRD!) but, I tell you, they are worlds more comfortable right now than regular ones!

    You’re a cute pregnant lady for sure! Wear the bump well, Jody!

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