Baby Reflections


I’m in bed right now and it’s almost 6 am. I’ve been awake and restless since about 4am… It’s quiet moments like this, where I admit my first go-to is to check Instagram and then Facebook (which I rarely check FB). Occasionally I’ll feel our little man stretching out or adjusting his position and I’m reminded that it won’t be too long now that when I wake up in the middle of the night or early morning it will be because our new little one will need us.

We have 8 weeks to go. Holy moly. The time has flown by. At first, time seemed to crawl! We were hoping just to make it past where our first three pregnancies ended and then hoping to make it to 12 and then took forever for the 20 week anomaly & gender ultra sound to get here. Now, we find ourselves at 32 weeks! Ahhhh… Continue reading