Maternity Session – Just the 3 of Us

We just had our maternity session with the incredible David Molnar and his lovely wife Tammy (below image that we shot during their family session with their 6 month old son Judah)!

photo 1

These two are good friends and great photographers that have walked through a lot of life with us over the years. It is such a blessing to know them and to be a part of their lives and to be able to take images of their family and have them do the same for us. We are super excited to share the images they shot of us just a few days ago!


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Update from the home stretch…


(Baby Gray at 36 weeks!)

We are in the home stretch!  Cuh-RAY-zee! (Yes, I just turned a two-syllable word into a three :).

We had our 36 week appointment and everything is looking good!  However, our little man has turned from the perfect head-down position to posterior (which means his head is still down, but instead of facing my spine he’s facing my stomach), which can mean a longer and not-so-pleasant labor (ever heard of back labor?).  Since we area planning to give birth naturally, this is definitely not ideal, so I have been doing exercises to get him to move, and also praying 🙂 🙂 Continue reading