The Top 10 Lifesavers for New Parents

Being a first-time mom can definitely be an interesting challenge, even for one who may have grown up babysitting her whole life. In my journey of becoming a  mom I have found a few items/resources through friends/birthing class, etc. that have helped smooth the transition of being a first time parent and I wanted to share.  (Feel free to share in the comments any of your own lifesavers that aren’t included here!).

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Jaxon and I together… some of my all-time favorite moments with him…

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Life As a New Mom

It has been almost 13 weeks so far that our little Jax has been born, and even though I have considered myself a mom long before he popped out, I really have felt like a mom these last 3 months.

I’m a mom…


(Image taken by Zach on his iPhone at the hospital)

Calling myself “mom” and letting the title sink in has really taken some getting used to.  It’s crazy that I(we) have a kid now!

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