Life As a New Mom

It has been almost 13 weeks so far that our little Jax has been born, and even though I have considered myself a mom long before he popped out, I really have felt like a mom these last 3 months.

I’m a mom…


(Image taken by Zach on his iPhone at the hospital)

Calling myself “mom” and letting the title sink in has really taken some getting used to.  It’s crazy that I(we) have a kid now!

People have asked me what it has been like/how the adjustment has went and I can honestly say it has been pretty seamless. It has been so natural to take care of Jax and FUN. Honestly, when holding some other people’s kids I feel like I have to be awesome and smile at them and pretend like I’m LOVING being with their kid (and I do enjoy it to some extent… but not fully.. not sure how to describe it better and if that even makes sense).  But with Jaxon, it’s genuinely fun to be with him and have him sit in my lap and talk with him, read books to him, and just hang out, and of course take him out to places.  It truly is a joy.

Thank God, Jaxon is sleeping through the night, but when I’d get up in the middle of the night for feedings, it was never a chore or inconvenience.  It truly was a joy.  It’s been a joy to serve our little man.

At first, getting out of  the house seemed so hard, especially since we had such a small window to get out before he needed to feed again.  Now that there is more time in-between his feedings, that he can take a bottle, not to mention the fact that Zach and I have a system down for packing him up and getting the diaper bag ready, it doesn’t seem that challenging or effort-filled as it used to.

A few milestones for Jax:

  • He has long been out of newborn diapers, and just upgraded to #2s.  ahhhh…
  • He is now wearing 0-3 months, and 3 mo clothes.
  • He now poos with force, which has been resulting in diaper explosions.  Awesome.   🙂
  • He had his first trip – a 10.5 hour car ride to NC for Christmas and he was a CHAMP!
  • He can hold his head up like nobody’s business… has been doing that almost since the first couple of weeks.
  • As mentioned, he has been sleeping through the night (started sleeping longer stretches starting at 8 weeks and is now up to 7-9 hours a night – yay!)
  • Intentionally smiles like a crazy man at us.  (This started at 6 weeks, around Christmas.  so fun!)
  • He rolled over the first time a few days ago! We helped him do it twice and then he did it all on his own!

Being parents has been an enjoyable ride so far, and we have found what many friends have said to be true – it keeps getting better and better and more enjoyable at each new stage.

Here’s a video of us having fun with Mr. Jax when we were out at the mall with him 🙂

PS. Stay tuned for the next post I’m working on – Our Top 10 Lifesavers as New Parents

One thought on “Life As a New Mom

  1. He is just precious!! Its so true…there are so many things you just don’t “get” until you’ve had your own. Life-changing and oh so amazing! So, so happy for you guys.

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