Where has the time gone?

Six months… SIX months! Holy, cow it has been six months.

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6 months ago today I gave birth to Jaxon Pierce Gray and he has forever made our lives better. They say it goes by fast, but holy moly, it really has. How in the world is he six months old already?

Zach-and-Jody_0001(image by Amy & Jordan Photography)

Jaxon, you have made me a better person and I am so proud to be called your mom. You are a ray of sunshine in our lives and there are so many firsts and sweet moments we have had with you these last six months…

– When I saw what you looked like for the first time

– When you started fussing in the hospital and all I had to do was reach my hand to the side of your face and you calmed immediately

– The first time you intentionally smiled at me

– The awesomeness of you having your first full night of sleep

– The fun we had watching you roll over (my how the smallest things can make us so thrilled for you)

– Your cute babblings

– The times you’re absolutely focused on the book I’m reading to you

– The quiet moments in the middle of the night when you were an infant that only you and I shared

– Your first plane ride

– Taking you out in public and have everyone comment on what a happy baby you are

– Laughing at how you try and put EVERYTHING in your mouth (toys, books, diapers, your fingers and toes, OUR fingers…. Anything that will fit… and some things that don’t.)

– Your baby planking cracks us up. How are you so solid?

– Dressing you up in cute outfits with bowties and fun hats

– Putting sunglasses on you laughing at how adorable you look

– Remembering back to my college days when I thought there was no way I could function any earlier than 10 am and by the grace of God I’m able to rock out 7am and sometimes even 6 am with you. Woo hoo!

– Watching you sleep at night curled up on your side… you are so sweet.

– Watching and laughing at all of your killer dance moves that your dad makes you do

– Spiking the little hair you have for the first time so you could match your dady’s spikey hair

– Getting our first family photo shoot and you were a champ!

– Looking at you and wondering how my heart was able to expand to fit all the love I have inside for you 


There are so many more memories we have had with you and I can’t wait to experience the many more in years to come. I always thought that a girl was in store for us initially, and I’m so glad I was wrong. Having a boy has been a joy and we couldn’t have imagined it any other way.

We love you!



PS. For daily updates on our family, make sure to follow us on our Instagram account – @itsthegrayfamily.

One thought on “Where has the time gone?

  1. Happy Mother’s Day , I love your journaling about your baby. I wish and pray that all babies , animals and old people have someone that loves them that much. You have a way with words, thanks for sharing with everyone.

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