Zach &  Jody

We are a husband and wife team who have worked together for the last 6.5 years and play together at every chance we get. We’re always around each other and practically do everything together (except use the restroom in front of each other… you have to draw the line somewhere). From the outside, things can look dandy and easy, but we have had some really hard times with having children (keep on reading) and fought for the marriage that we have.  November 2013 we celebrated our 1st born child and our 8 year anniversary.

2012 was hands down, the roughest year for us personally as we had not one, not two, but three pregnancies and proceeded to lose each and every one. More details of our story can be found here. We know that losing a child is devastating, and sadly, miscarriages are more common than people think. It is our prayer that through sharing our own walk through devastation, hopelessness and then encouragement, you will find comfort as well. One surgery and a few months later, we finally found ourselves at the place to share publicly about our last pregnancy.

It is our hope that through this blog you see a different and more personal side of us as we walk this crazy journey of going through a pregnancy (all the tears, joys, fears and doubts) and then taking the first steps into parenthood. Crazy!

We are excited and whatever happens, our hope and trust is in the ultimate giver of Life, Christ Jesus.

Thanks for stopping by. Follow our pregnancy and family updates on Instagram.com/itsthegrayfamily.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. I am truly sorry to hear of your loss, because some may not agree that it is a loss, I believe it is and that you loss 3 beautiful Gray’s. I think you are brave sharing your story and pray that this pregnancy and your child is healthy and strong all the way to the finish line. I am very happy for you and your new journey in life. Take Care. Amanda D

  2. God Bless you both in this beautiful and wonderful journey of mommy and daddy! I too share a similar testimony, losing two babies to miscarriage, and now have two awesome little girls! I will pray for God to strengthen your body and spirits! I love reading about your sweet and awesome relationship! I hope one day to meet you both! and little Junior!! Blessings!!

  3. Hey. I’ve just came across your blog. I just went through a miscarriage and was wanting to maybe email with you about your experience and how The Lord helped you through it. Could you email me?

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  5. Can you email me the link to where you purchased your son’s amber necklace? My boy is going on 4 months and could really use one and I like the way yours looks compared to others I’ve seen. Thanks in advance!!!

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